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The tplinkwifi.net is a reliable brand that producing the networking environment to the user. The tp-link router is a trusted brand to provide the best internet connectivity to the user. TP-link routers and modems can be set up and planned adequately inside a few minutes of your time. TP-Link made the router arrangement accommodating and effective by giving its customers the web address www.tplinkwifi.net with the objective that they don't need to go up against any issues or issues while the TP-Link wireless router modem plan.

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Connect multiple devices on your tplink wifi router with no slow speed issues
change settings or create a guest network easily configurable routers
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routers designed to provide quick setup experience while setting up new router

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Tplinkwifi.net login Setup

The tplinkwifi.net is the customized web address to access the login setup page of the router. The user can easily access the login page by using the username and the password. To login the tplinkwifi.net router you have to use the web address tp-link router it will redirect you to the login window and it will moreover help you with associating the router with the contraptions with wireless and wired devices besides. The Default IP address for the tp-link router is The customer can either use this area to process the login window. The customer login nuances are moreover engraved on the thing name to the router. The followings are the steps to access the login setup of the router:

      In the first step connect the computer with the router by using the Ethernet cable.

      Type the web address of the tplinkwifi.net into the address bar to access the login setup page of the router.

      If the user not getting the access of the login page by using the web address then they can either use the default IP address to access the login page.

      Here you will need to enter the default admin username and password to access the login page.  

Tp-Link Wifi Deco M5 Router

TP-Link Router gives you a wide range of consistent WiFi Network, It is outstanding amongst other Home WiFi Network. It will set up a Mesh WiFi Network and spread your whole home. It will dispense with the Dead Zone from your Business and Home. If you type "www.tplinkwifi.net" on your internet browser and it will take you to the administration page of TP-Link Router. With TP-Link Deco you will get Whole Home WiFi you will get the least difficult approach to ensure a solid Wireless sign in each edge of your home.    

Advanced Features of the Deco M5 router

      The tplinkwifi.net has the dual-band 802.11ac system that provides the chain of nodes to access internet connectivity.

      In this, each device has four internal antennas that offer the MIMO connection to enhance the speed of the router. The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi framework is a lot speedier, offering tri-band association with a committed backhaul connect at speed up.

      Concerning ease of use and programming highlights, the Deco M5 is entirely fundamental contrasted and customary wireless router, yet extraordinary contrasted and most work systems. As referenced above, you get three years of antivirus inclusion from Trend Micro and, since this is at the system level, it covers every one of your devices while they're associated with your home system.  

Troubleshooting Steps why the User not Able to Get the Access of the Tplinkwifi.net

In some of the situation user-facing several issues while accessing the login setup page of the router. In the following step we will discuss some of the easy solutions to tackle this issue:

      First of all, check the internet connectivity of the device. Make sure that the internet is working properly.

      Check the Ethernet connection between the computer and the Tplink router.

      Always check that you will be entering the valid and the correct web address of the router.

      If you are still facing the issue then try to access the login page in another web browser or the computer device.

      Always check the status of the LED placed into the router.

      If none of the above steps is working then try to reset the router by using the default factory.  

Steps to Manually Update the firmware on the tplinkwifi.net

The TP-Link router is one of the most reliable devices. To enhance the performance of the router the tp-link router needs firmware Updation from time to time. The following are steps to manually upgrade the firmware of the tplinkwifi.net:

      Launch the favoured web browser into the computer device that is connected with the router.

      Enter the web address of the tplinkwifi.net into the address bar of the browser to know about the latest firmware Updation.

      Here you will need to enter the default login credentials to access the login setup page of the TP-Link router.

      Click on the firmware update tab then go the browse button to go to the firmware process.

      Here you will need to update the file then start the firmware update process.   

Steps to change the Username and the  password of the Tplinkwifi.net

The user needs to change the login credentials when they forget the login credentials. Moreover, the user will also need to change the login credentials for security reasons. The Following are the steps to change the username and the password of the router:

      Open the favored web browser into the connected computer device then type the web address of the tplinkwifi.net into the address bar then hit the Ok button.

      The system will now redirect you into the web page. Always keep these things in mind the default username and password are case sensitive.

      In the Quick Setup direct, click the Wireless Network Name choice. Here, you can change the username for your switch in the field given.

      Under the Network Name choice, you will see a Network Key alternative. In the field given there, you can decide to arrange another passphrase for your switch.

      Click on the Save button alternative to save all the settings made. Tap to Finish or exit.

      Presently, the username and password will have been changed. The client should associate every one of their devices again to the system utilizing the new username and secret key.

Frequently asked questions


How to reset router ?

Simply press and hold the reset button found on the back of your tplink router.

What is the default login address ?

Default login address is tplinkwifi.net

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Which extender to buy for big house ?

You can get ac1900 extenders which are very good for big houses.

How to do contact support ?

You can go on to tplinkwifi.net and from there you can reach support.